Cathy's quoteI strive to provide the education and resources which enhance a patient's or caregiver's ability to cope with Parkinson's Disease at all stages and to assist them in planning for visits and conversations with healthcare providers.

— Cathy

Margarita's quoteFor you to have a good understanding of your PD… to guide you to be part of your health care answer your questions...that's what I will strive for in our conversations.

— Margarita

Chrystal's quoteMy goal is to provide information that empowers Parkinson's patients and their caregivers to access the care they need and help them focus on healthy living with Parkinson's

— Chrystal

Maggie's quoteAs a PD Advocate, I am honored to provide education, support and coaching to patients and their loved ones.

— Maggie

NewName's quoteIt’s important to me that people have a full understanding of their medical care and needs as they navigate their healthcare journey. I enjoy working with people to ensure they have the tools necessary to live their best life.

— Matt Wolff


Connect with an AbbVie Parkinson’s Disease Advocate*, a specially trained professional with the latest knowledge about Parkinson’s disease and access to resources. They are available to listen, understand your needs and offer you advice, support and inspiration at no cost to patients or caregivers.

Parkinson’s Advocate: one-on-one support. A PARKINSON’S DISEASE ADVOCATE

  • Provides individualized support to both patients and caregivers of patients with Parkinson’s
  • Conducts one-on-one education about Parkinson's Disease
  • Supports you by phone or in person
  • Makes suggestions to help you have better conversations with your doctor about your Parkinson's symptoms and progression
  • Helps you find a movement disorder specialist
    –a doctor who specializes in movement disorders, including Parkinson's Disease

After you sign up, your Advocate will reach out and take the time to understand your individual needs by phone or even in person. The Parkinson’s Disease Advocate Program uses email to confirm your enrollment and initiate your first contact, however on-going dialogue must be done over the phone or in person.

  • The Parkinson’s Disease Advocate Program is not a replacement for a medical professional and your Advocate will not provide medical advice. The Parkinson’s Disease Advocate Program is supported by AbbVie and all advocates are employed through AbbVie. Unfortunately we are not able to provide support to patients with PD+, MSA or other Parkinsonian-like diseases.